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Biography: Ralf Menzel

Prof. Dr. Ralf Menzel
Ralf Menzel received the diploma degree in physics in 1972 from the Technical University, Dresden.
Then he worked at the Institute of Optics and Spectroscopy of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin with Prof. J. Hertz.
In 1978 he received the Ph. D. degree in experimental physics with "summa cum laude".
His thesis concerned nonlinear spectroscopy of electronic transitions.
In 1980 he joined the chemistry department of the Technical University, Berlin (TUB).
1989 he finished his "Habilitation" in physical chemistry in the field of laser spectroscopy.
Subsequently, he moved to the Optical Institute of the TUB and managed the research project
"Phase conjugating SBS-mirrors for beam quality improvement of high power solid state lasers".
Between 1985 and 1986 he collaborated strongly with Prof. M. W. Windsor, Washington State University,
in the field of time resolved spectroscopy. In 1994 he became a Full Professor for photonics,
and in 1996 he was elected as vice president at the newly founded University of Potsdam for 4 years.
As a member of the QEOD-board of the EPS he arranged together with D. Hall, G. Huber, S. de Silvestri and H. Walther
the start of the World of Photonics Conference in Munich.
He is now working in nonlinear spectroscopy, new lasers and quantum optics.