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High power solid state lasers

Advanced concepts for lasers with high output power and excellent beam quality

Excellent beam quality meaning excellent focusability of the laser beam is important for applications in the area of e.g. micromaching, medical applications as well as in nonlinear optics. At the University of Potsdam we realize and investigate advanced concepts for lasers with excellent beam quality and high output powers. In solid state lasers realizing high output powers with excellent beam quality is a major challenge because of the thermal load in the highly pumped active material. This leads to effects like thermal lensing, wavefront distortions, thermally induced birefringence and fracture of the laser material in the worst case.
For different applications we consider the different regimes of pulsed quasi-cw and cw-operation of the lasers. There mutual characteristic is the excellent beam quality at high average output powers. To achieve these features techniques like, phase conjugating mirrors, path matched birefringence compensation or intracavity diffractive optics are used.

This section of our webpage contains an overview of these concepts and the specs of the realized laser systems.